30 minute Doughnutting (Max group size 6)

We know the children we work with may struggle with the amount of energy they need to burn when confined to a small space.  We want to help, but do not want to put anyone at risk.

This offer is only for our HDSF families we are already working with​, please do not publicise this link as there may be negative views on what we are attempting to do.

We will not be loaning out gloves, so participants must bring those with them, along with the regular long sleeves and long trousers.

As always we may be putting wax on the bottom of the rings for anyone that wants to slide faster, so please wear old clothes.

Please do warn children that there will be no chains to finish the session, all slides will be on their own. The exception will be where a carer needs to slide with their child for safety.

The sessions will be shorter than normal, to enable to help more families, but as there will be no queuing, children will get as many slides as normal.


This activity is for age 5+.  Siblings are very welcome to participate in sessions.

Please read before booking!!!!!!!!

To ensure that we keep both the participants and HDSF staff safe in the current circumstances, we have to insist on the following restrictions (because we just want to keep everyone safe):


- please do not book on this session if the individual has an increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19.  Guidance is here.


- please do not book on this session if the participant has any of the symptoms of Covid-19.


- we insist that the participant brings their own gloves.  If you book onto the session and arrive without gloves you will be refused and no refund will be provided.


- we are hiring the ski slope from a different company and we do not have any control over actions they may take in the light of changing PHE guidance.  Please understand that things may change at short notice and if the session has to be cancelled - we've done our best but there is no other option.  If we cancel the session, you will be issued with a refund.  Please make sure you check your email the night before and morning of your booking for any updates.

Our additional procedures for these sessions

All staff are being paid whether they are at work, or at home. We have done this to ensure staff do not come in if they feel at all unwell, in order to protect our team and participants.

The doughnuts being used are either brand new or have been thoroughly cleaned, and handles / tails cleaned between sessions with detol wipes / spray.  The doughnuts will stay on our van, so are not the ones in general use.

Between each session all staff will wash hands between sessions

A visual guide of how the session would work and we will keep distance between participants, as they will be constantly moving.  

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