Bingo sessions

This page is only for people who have already received or ordered a bingo pack from us. 

Over 18s sessions

We have discussed at length how to keep bingo continuing following the survey.  We were going to run it as a weekly activity in the winter only, but having looked at survey results, we will continue for the next month at least.

The charity now has no grant income, so all activities must cover costs.  Bingo will be £4 per session, which includes the cost of prizes.

Please only book one session per day, so everyone gets a session

Tuesday 3rd August 7:15 with Bingo Stoney & Ros book here

Tuesday 3rd August  8:30 with Bingo Stoney & Ros book here

Junior session

Tuesday 3rd August 6:00 with Bingo Stoney & Ros book here