HDSF's got Talent

Book your audition now!

Each entry will have a 15 minute slot with one of the team on zoom, to record your talent for the show.


Antonio will edit each performance ready for the HDSFs got talent show.


Depending on the number of entries, we may have heats and finals like they do on Britain's Got Talent.

All participants will need to be happy to be filmed and shown to audiences, so please be aware of this before booking a recording slot.

Monday 18th January 11:30

Monday 18th January 11:50

Monday 18th January 12:10 - full

Tuesday 19th January 1:00 - full

Tuesday 19th January 1:20 - full

Tuesday 19th January 1:40 - full

Wednesday 20th January 4:00

Wednesday 20th January 4:20

Wednesday 20th January 4:40

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