2 wheel bike training

Herts Disability Sports Foundation are proud to be working with Herts County Council Bikeability instructors  to provide 1-1 sessions for anyone with a Special Educational Need or Disability struggling with a 2 wheel bike. Whether you still have stabilisers or not, the instructors will work on basic skills appropriate to the individual.

All 1-1 sessions are £15

This 1 hour session will take place on an enclosed area.  To limit the time we need to be in close contact with your child, please make sure their helmet is well fitted and that their bike is roadworthy.  To help with this bikeability have sent us a couple of video's.   

Checking your bike is ready to ride and helmet is on properly

If your child is not yet pedalling, please be aware that stabilisers and pedals will be removed (don't worry they will be put back on as needed) you will understand the logic once the magic starts happening!

We had some amazing results since we started in 2019 and we are very much looking forward to seeing the progress those children have made since then, whilst also welcoming new families who need this specific support. 

If government rules change and we are unable to deliver these sessions, we will make full refunds.

1-1 learn to ride / bikeability bookings are now made through our new website Cycling Activities – Herts Disability (hdsf.co.uk)